A piece of digital art that may be sold as an NFT on NFTs Marketplace
A piece of digital art that may be sold as an NFT on NFTs Marketplace
NFT digital art

Jack Dorsey Tweet; the first-ever tweet, sold for the equivalent of $2.9 million in ETH coins in march 2021. NFTs are hot at the moment. Prior to the Jack Dorsey sale, Beeple (digital artist) sold a Jpeg NFT for close to $70 Million, a first of its kind. Even he confessed to the absurdity of the rising popularity of NFT on Business Insider.

Absurd or not, something is intriguing about NFTs’ newfound fame. It could be their bullish behavior or their raw newsworthiness. But for the crypto investors, there’s more than meets the eye, there’s an investment opportunity.

What are…

Beeple digital art “Adrift” (Beeple Facebook page)

The reaction after the beeple sale was ecstatic, to say the least — as usual it cued a media frenzy because of the astronomical figures. Well, it’s not just a regular ol’ beat-up image, it’s an NFT (Non-fungible token).

Blockchains have graduated to diverse tangible solutions but intangible NFTs properties pulling in massive collectible power. The NFT titled “Everyday’s -the first 5000 days sold at an auction by Christie over the weekend.

The winning bid was by a Singaporean crypto investor using the pseudonym, Metakavon. Everyday -the first 5000 days is a montage of digital art made by Beeple since…

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I was a freelance writer. No. I am a freelance writer. Nowadays, I wear this badge with honor, it has become my source of livelihood and joy. Writing is my passion. I am also a poet, a creative writer when I need to impress people. I stick to regular writing most of the time because it pays my bills. But I am still contemplating penning down a creative fiction collection. That’s a story for another day.

Cumulatively, I have written for about six years but four of which were spent in digital marketing. I was a full-time digital marketer. …

Mwagiru Karongo

I am a freelance writer, SEO expert and previously worked as a digital marketer. I love writing topics on Tech, Cryptocurrency and digital marketing.

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